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 Specialize in Wealth Management & Retirement planning through the power of leverage. The key is employing a unified strategy to maximize tax advantages as well as accumulate wealth. Our team strives to meet our clients needs by planning cohesively.

Who We Are>>>

We all come from different walks of life and connected for the sole purpose to serve in the changing of our clients trajectory. There is no one plan fits all and therefore our team specializes in looking at all angles possible to design the best retirement plan for you. We go beyond retirement and plan out your legacy. Anyone can make wealth managing it is the secret sauce. We work with impeccable integrity, versatile flexibility, a sense of timing of mindful awareness and relentless work ethic. We believe anything is possible when you have the right people in your corner.

    Ana Carrillo

    CEO, Unified Strategy Advisors 

    Ana is a Living Benefit Specialist passionate about protecting clients investments by making sure they are covered if a Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer were to occur. 6 years ago she became a stroke survivor herself and has been making an impact in her community ever since. Beyond the expertise she brings to the table she collaborates with multiple experts in their Industry to employ a unified strategy to serve the client as a whole.

    Lina Loh

    Sr. Managing Partner, Lina's Tax Team 

    Lina is a tax expert who understands the intricacies of tax rules, using them to help client net worth. Building wealth with a focused strategic direction that makes a big difference in the clients cash power and future retirement accumulation. Many people have blind spots in their portfolio and are not aware of it. Lina loves her role of being a financial catalyst in her clients life. 

    Darren Sugiyama

    Managing Partner, Lionsmark Capital 

    Darren entered the Insurance business in 2003 and in only 7 years built a $37 Million dollar Insurance Agency. He is truly a man who is extremely strategic and works with impeccable integrity. Author of 7 books that continue to aspire in the Insurance, Financial and Entrepreneur world. Has changed the trajectory of many people. 

Premium Financing 

Premium financing is a strategy whereby a qualified borrower accesses third-party financing to pay for large life insurance premiums. The insurance companies have constructed specific products for these financed plans to minimize outside collateral and maximize returns.

 Why Omakase?  


Fixed contributions for 5 or 10 yrs. 

Customized premiums & Interest Allocations. 

No outside collateral requirements

No Interest Accrual & More >>>



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